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Jennifer Leo

Marketing Communications
Call me whenever you're at a loss for words.
Who I Am
Who I Am

I've loved words, books, and writing ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. My writing career was launched at age nine with a two-hankie story about a horse, and expanded into nonfiction with the hardhitting piece of investigative journalism, "Tropical Fish and You" (topic chosen on the basis of the colorful pictures in the Encyclopedia Britannica).

Fast forward to recent years. After earning a B.A. in English and French and an M.A. in Communications, I served as marketing manager for several book publishers, including Brethren Press, Northern Illinois University Press, and Tyndale House Publishers. Working on both the business side of publishing as a marketer and the creative side as a writer (and now a third angle, as an editor) has given me valuable experience into the inner workings of writing and publishing.

I'm also a playwright, including the over-the-top comedy BAKED ALASKA and numerous shorter dramatic sketches and readings, many of which have been produced by church and community groups. I'm active in a nearby church and volunteer at the local history museum. My husband Thomas and I own GraphiComm, Inc., a graphic design and communications firm. We also run several Internet hosting companies, including ez2ba.com, aceofspace.com, and christianworldhosting.net. We recently relocated from the Chicago area to beautiful northern Idaho and share our home with two very spoiled cats, Lucy and Ethel.

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